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All members must familiarise themselves with our Code of Conduct and related Code of Safe Riding Standards. By joining and cycling with us you are agreeing to abide by our Codes. All members are will be asked to sign our LBOYB/BCC Terms & Exclusion of Liability form.


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide a clear outline of the values, behaviours and standards we expect from our members. Our goal is to create a culture that ensures all members enjoy a safe, supportive, inclusive, fun riding environment, and we continue to maintain a great safety record and positive camaraderie that has made us successful to date.


The Code of Conduct places an obligation on all members to take responsibility for their own conduct, to be tolerant, safe, responsible riders and be willing to support and educate new members on our values, behaviours and standards in a positive and friendly manner. 


We all may need a gentle reminder from time to time. We all make mistakes. Be courteous and anticipate others’ mistakes. Always look to improve your riding and acknowledge your own mistakes to learn. 


Members must adhere strictly to the relevant Road Rules and must not put themselves or fellow cyclists, whether Members or not, in danger. Safety in our sport is of the utmost importance, and members must not only look out for themselves, but also for fellow members and cyclists. We all have a responsibility to ensure safety and mutual respect is shown to all road and pathway users. 

Those bound by this code shall:

  • Show a positive commitment to our guidelines, expectations and standards

  • Act in a manner compatible with the interests of LBOYB and BCC

  • Treat others and their property with courtesy and respect and due consideration

Questions or complaints regarding the Code of Conduct or behaviour of members should be raised with the business owners, Narelle Beurle or Karen Gittins. Complaints will be handled confidentially and fairly.

Our Values and Behaviours

Respect and relationships

  • We foster positive relationships through respect within our membership, the community, between cyclists and other users of the road and pathways. 

  • We communicate with each other in a way which reflects respect and care. 

  • Should someone in the group have a word about the standard/safety of your riding DO NOT take it personally. Everyone is looking after their own and your safety.

Inclusive environment

  • We wish to operate in an environment where everyone is respected and treated equally with dignity in the context of our activities, irrespective of cycling ability, age, experience, sexual preferences, nationality, beliefs and socio-economic circumstances. 

Fun and friendly

  • We exist because we love cycling, and we want women to experience how fun it is.

  • We are passionate, not elitist. We nurture an environment that welcomes all levels and skills, where members can thrive in.

  • Each member is an ambassador for the Club and should promote the benefits of being part of the Club whenever they can.

Responsible and fair

  • We are a responsible club that sets a good example for the wider cycling community.

  • We believe being safe and responsible in our actions is a key element of cycling together.  

  • We are progressive, open to new ideas and welcome change that improves the club. 

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