Comprised of 3 levels /groups  of confident road riding cyclists, known as di2, Gears and Cleats.

The levels /groups (view here) are differentiated by pace & skill, creating groups whereby you ride with others of similar standard on routes and distances relevant to that group. 

The cycling routes and rides offered throughout the year, will include road, gravel /off road and trail riding as well as fully backed up weekends away, interstate and overseas trips.

The Bayside Cycling Club

Based in Brighton, with membership mainly in Bayside although not restricted to Bayside.

Is mainly for women, although the most skilled group, di2,  caters for partners/friends on some of their rides.

The website calendar has only basic information of our rides and events. Members (and only members) have access to our BCC Team App. Within the BCC Team App is where details of rides, updates, documents, buy and sell, members comments and BCC clothing store, all happens.


  • Annual fee of $130

  • Compulsory Insurance with either Cycling Australia or Bicycle Network 

  • Signing of an Exclusion of Liability document

  • Purchase of BCC Club Jersey

How to Join BCC

Make contact via the contact page.

For the not so confident road cyclist or path- only rider, we recommend  contacting another Club, Ladies Back On Your Bike